Outdoorsman Propane Stove with High and Low Output Burners

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Product Description: Prepare tasty meals just about anywhere with this Outdoorsman propane stove. With a total cooking output of 90,000 BTU, you're able to show off your kitchen prowess at campsites, your backyard and more. Includes both low and high-output burners. 3 sided windscreen included. Outdoorsman portable propane stove has 90,000 BTU total output, low and high-output burners, 3 sided windscreen. Adjustable controls. . Cooking area (448 sq. in.). One 30,000 BTU burner and one 60,000 BTU burner. Total output: 90,000 BTU. 3-Sided windscreen. Fully adjustable controls. Removable legs. Standard bulk tank hose and regulator included. Portable. Low output burner - general use for cooking, grilling and griddle. High output burner - frying, boiling and brewing. 32 in. L x 14 in. W x 29 in. H (41 lbs.). 1-Year warranty This beefed-up Outdoorsman stove will make all your large capacity cooking a breeze. Whether it is a seafood boil or a spaghetti dinner for a crowd, you have found the stove you need. This rugged stove is built with wide range of cooking in mind, with one 60,000 BTU/hr burner and one 30, 000 BTU/hr burner, you can use the high output burner to quickly heat a large amount of liquid while using the lower output burner to cook up a nice pancake breakfast.

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Manufacturer: Camp Chef

Discount Price: $149.99