Carry Bag for Two-Burner Propane Stove – Camp Chef

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Product Description: Two propane burner carry bag allows you to take your stove with you anywhere. Features wrap handles and a durable exterior. . Durable bag. Wrap handles and extra space for additional gear or supplies. Doubles as an excellent gear bag. Holds any Camp Chef, Sport Grill, Outdoor Cooker or Crown Chef double-burner stove models. Fits models DB-60, EX-60, DJ-60, DL-60L, DH-170L, DH-280L, POC-60, CC-60L, SOC-60X, SPG-60 and OSD-60LW (Also works with the BB60X grill box) Store and transport your double-burner stove with convenience and ease.

Product ID: 498984085

Merchant: ivgStores, LLC

Manufacturer: Camp Chef

Discount Price: $29.99