Superstone Garlic Baker Set by Sassafras

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Product Description:

The Superstone Garlic Baker is made of natural stoneware fired at temperatures of over 2000 degrees. Superstone baking pieces have the advantage of producing total, even heat distribution. This uniform heat will perfectly bake full garlic bulbs, producing a sweet nutty flavor.

Roasted garlic can be used as a spread on pieces of crusty French bread with goat cheese, as a pizza topping or added to a warm pasta salad. Serve a dollop of creamed garlic as a sweet side dish to any grilled meat. Mash whole cloves of baked garlic and spread over new potatoes before baking for a deliciously aromatic side dish.

The Garlic Baker is oven and microwave safe and can also be used in convection ovens. Each Garlic Baker can hold up to 5-6 heads of garlic for roasting.

Each box contains one Superstone Garlic Baker with lid and Garlic Recipes by Sassafras.

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Manufacturer: Sassafras

Discount Price: $19.95