Stainless Steel Smoker w Digital Technology & Four Racks

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Product Description: Featuring digital technology for superior accuracy in cooking, this smoker is made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability. It's Spin-glass insulation provides valuable heat retention provided by its powerful electric heating element. Also includes cookbook, sauces, rubs and more. Made of stainless steel with digital technology, this smoker with Spin-glass insulation also includes sauces and cookbook. * Both Interior and Exterior part made of Stainless Steel 1000 watt Electric Heating Element Insulation of 850-degree Spinglass Provides Cooking Space for 50 lbs. total capacity, Pork Butts: 50 lbs., Brisket: 50 lbs., Ribs: 28 lbs. 4 Nickel-Plated Grills w Shelf Dimensions: 14 x 18" 39.5 in. H x 20.5 in. W x 21.5 in. L Includes: 4 Casters; 18oz. Spicy Barbecue Sauce; 13oz. Spicy Chicken Rub; 10oz. RibRub; 5lbs. Hickory Wood; Smoking at Home Cookbook; Operator's Manual; S/S Drip Pan

Product ID: 498802962

Merchant: ivgStores, LLC

Manufacturer: Cookshack

Discount Price: $1,739.28