Light Weight Rocket Roaster

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Product Description: Fuel, maintenance and operating costs are lower than gas or oil cookers. Lightweight cooker can do some heavy-weight cooking - up to 14 pounds of turkey! Flavor is enhanced further due to use of charcoal. Inexpensive, charcoal cooker is simple to load and use. Unique roasting chamber is designed to seal flavors and juices while cooking. * . Load it, light it, relax.... Uses affordable and flavorful charcoal. Healthier and less hazardous way to cook compared to gas and oil cookers. Unique Roasting Chamber seals in flavor and juices. Cooks many types of foods including turkey, chicken, pork, ribs, seafood and vegetables. Unique cooker acts like a Dutch oven sealing in flavor and juices using charcoal. Will cook up to a 14 lbs. turkey. Easy to use and clean up. Roasting Basket, Skewers, Trivet and Flavor Infusers are included. Operating costs are 2/3 less than comparable gas and oil cookers. Healthier and less hazardous way to cook. For outdoor use only. Shipping Weight: 11 lbs.

Product ID: 464746081

Merchant: ivgStores, LLC

Manufacturer: Landmann

Discount Price: $48.42