Classic Seasoned Wood Smoker Chunks, Variety, 20-Pound Box

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Product Description: Create your own signature flavors with this mixed wood sampler. You'll receive five pounds each of the best hardwoods: apple, cherry, mesquite and hickory. Go from mild to wild with seasoned chunks that will add great taste to any meal. Seasoned wood chunks in a mix of apple, cherry, mesquite and hickory for smoking that will add great taste to any meal. * Includes: 5 lbs. each of hickory, mesquite, apple, and cherry wood. Hickory is a traditional favorite, with a sweet smoke good for just about everything. Mesquite is a brasher, bolder flavor, great with beef. Good with fish, but go lightly. Apple is a mild fruitwood, good with pork and poultry. Cherry wood has a strong flavor. Try it with duck or prime rib of beef One pound of wood will smoke approximately 60 lbs. of product Kit has enough wood for smoking approximately 1,200 lbs. of product Cookshack woods are "chunks" approximately 2x2x3"

Product ID: 464745663

Merchant: ivgStores, LLC

Manufacturer: Cookshack

Discount Price: $74.63