Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace With Orchid Theme And Charcoal Finish

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Product Description: Outdoor fireplace with orchid theme on a cast aluminum body. Large front opening makes tending the fire easy. * . The Orchid style is the blue roosters next evolution in providing unique and functional outdoor fireplace designs. Non-rusting solid cast aluminum alloy. Removable neck for grilling. Carry handles for easy arrangement. Decorative cast iron grilling insert (wood only). Traditional 180 mouth opening for efficient drafting. Available in three color finish: Antique Green, Gold Accent & Charcoal (displayed in the image). Assembly required 10-20 min.. With Gas Kit:. The Orchid chiminea with gas is one of our most popular outdoor fireplace designs with the excellent qualities of cast aluminum construction. The gas conversion can be removed to enjoy a regular wood fire and then reinstalled for the easy to use gas burning fire. Due to different natural gas configurations, contact your local gas company for natural gas installations. Propane installations can hook directly to propane tank or grill. Gas conversion w/ceramic log set. Spark arrestor neck insert. 54 in. H x 23 in. W. Without Gas Kit: Weight Approx. 86 lbs.. With Gas Kit: Weight Approx. 98 lbs.

Product ID: 495885039

Merchant: ivgStores, LLC

Manufacturer: The Blue Rooster

Discount Price: $429.95